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Catalog ID UR Malb Microalbumin, Urine

CPOE Test Name

Urine Microalbumin; Urine 24 Hour Microalbumin; UT Microalb; Urine Microalbumin Timed-Not 24 Hour


UR Malb; U24 Malb; UT Malb

Specimen Type


Specimen Requirements

Random: Clear Top Urine Tube; 8 mL urine

24 hour collection or timed urine specimen: Collection jug

Urine Collection Guide

Storage and Transport

Urine specimens collected by patients at home should be kept refrigerated. They should be no older than 1 week when submitted to the laboratory.

Causes for Rejection

Improper labeling; bloody specimens; insufficient quantity; improper collection

Reference Values

Random: < 30 ug/mg creatinine

24-hr collection: < 30 mg/24 hours 

Timed: 0.0 – 19.9 ug per minute

Performing Lab

Core Laboratory, AD3301 721-2120

Turn Around Time

Routine: 2 – 4 hrs. Urgent/Emergent: 1 hr.