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Catalog ID UA Urinalysis (Macroscopic Only)

CPOE Test Name

Urinalysis, UA


Urine dipstick, urine chemistry

Specimen Type


Specimen Requirements

Red/Yellow Speckled Top Urine Tube (Ethylparaben, sodium propionate and chlorhexidine preservative); 8 mL urine

Urine Collection Guide

Storage and Transport

Specimen should be examined within 2 hours of collection or promptly refrigerated at 2 – 8° C.

Special Instructions

The first morning specimen is most concentrated and most likely to reveal bacteria, casts and other formed elements, but is least likely to contain glucose or protein. Random specimens are usually considered adequate for most analysis. If bacterial evaluation is also desired, a midstream clean catch should be obtained.

Causes for Rejection

Improper labeling; leaking container; improper storage or transport; insufficient quantity

Reference Range

Specific gravity 1.002 – 1.006 infants, 1.001 – 1.030 adults; pH: 5-8; Protein, Glucose, Ketones, Bilirubin, Leukocytes, Occult blood and Nitrites negative; urobilinogen: 0.2 – 1.0 Ehrlich units/dL.

Critical Values

≥ 80 mg/dL ketones

Turn Around Time

Urgent/Emergent 1 hour; Routine 4 hours

Performing Lab

Core Laboratory BI 2023 721-2120; Pediatric Laboratory BP-3230 721-7536; Family Medicine Laboratory BP-1148 721-4596