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Catalog ID Therapeutic Bld Therapeutic Bleed Procedure Order

CPOE Test Name

Therapeutic Bleed Procedure Order


Therapeutic Phlebotomy

Specimen Requirements

No sample required. Consultation and service request is required. Procedure only performed on Outpatients.

Storage and Transport

Send Consultation and Service request to Apheresis

Causes for Rejection

Consultation or Service request not received or approved by Pathologist.


Consultation and service request must be sent to Transfusion Services Pathologist

Test Consists

Ordering physician must give Apheresis Service staff the following information within 24 hours prior to phlebotomy: hemoglobin, CBC with platelet count if patient has history of bleeding problems at wound site and predicted number of procedures. If patient blood volume is not known, ordering physician should ascertain blood volume prior to ordering procedure. Consult form should be completed at time of ordering and sent to Apheresis Service, Room BI 1220, for completion by Medical Director, or Clinical Pathologist on call. Status of Apheresis treatment request will be determined by attending pathologist (Routine; Urgent: treatment with 24 hours; Emergency: treatment as soon as feasible).

Turn Around Time

Depends on patient tolerance.


No more than 450 mL of whole blood is usually drawn from the patient at any one time. The goal is to reduce the hematocrit to less than 50% for secondary polycythemia. Procedure can be repeated subsequently. Therapeutic phlebotomies for emergency reduction of blood volume to treat cardiogenic failure and other serious conditions in inpatients should be performed at the patient’s bedside by clinical staff. Apheresis staff are not approved to perform inpatient therapeutic phlebotomies.



Reference Ranges

Not applicable

Performing Lab

Procedure Scheduling: Apheresis Service, BI 1220, 721-3769