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Catalog ID Rubella Rubella IgG Antibody

CPOE Test Name



German Measles titer; Rubella; Rubella Antibody; Rubella IgG

Specimen Type


Specimen Requirements

Gold Top serum separator tube; 2 mL blood minimum

Storage and Transport

Specimens may be stored for up to 7 days at 2 – 8° C. Specimens in which testing will be delayed for longer than 7 days should be frozen.

Causes for Rejection

Lack of appropriate labeling; incorrect specimen type, insufficient quantity; heat inactivated specimens, grossly lipemic specimens, and grossly hemolyzed specimens will not be tested with this assay.

Reference Range

Non-Reactive: No previous exposure

Reactive: Previous exposure or vaccination

Indeterminate: Insufficient antibody for immunity.


Reactive: Specimens with results greater than or equal to 15 IU/mL are considered positive for IgG antibody to rubella virus. This would indicate past exposure to rubella virus.


Non-Reactive: Specimens with results less than 10 IU/mL are considered negative for IgG antibody to rubella virus. This either indicates no previous exposure to rubella virus or exposure which is very recent or very old which has resulted in a titer of antibody below the detectable level of this assay.


Indeterminate: Specimens with results equal to 10 IU/mL but less than 15 IU/mL are considered Indeterminate. A new specimen should be collected and tested. Antibody levels in the equivocal range for this assay may be insufficient to protect against clinical illness upon exposure to rubella virus.

Days Performed

Monday - Friday


Semi-quantitative measurement of Rubella IgG antibodies.



Performing Lab

Core Lab AD 3301 721-2120