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Catalog ID NT- proBNP NT-proBNP

Important Note

This test is for monitoring Entresto therapy and for diagnosis of CHF in morbidly obese patients. BNP is preferred for CHF screening and monitoring in patients not on Entresto therapy. BNP is available 24/7 with 1 hr turn-around-time.

CPOE Test Name

NT- proBNP

Specimen Required

2 or 4 mL Lavender top EDTA tube; 2 mL whole blood

Reference Values

< 300 ng/L

Turn Around Time

Available 6am - 3pm, 7 days a week

Causes for Rejection

Insufficient quantity; improper tube type; improper labeling; transit delay (must be tested within 24 hours of collection)


NT-proBNP values >450 pg/mL in patients <50 years of age and values >900 pg/mL in patient ≥ to 50 years of age are highly sensitive and specific for the diagnosis of heart failure. Values <300 pg/mL, regardless of age, are optimal for ruling out acute heart failure with a 99% negative predictive value. Source: National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry, Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines, Biomarkers of Acute Coronary Syndromes and Heart Failure, Chapter 3, Section II, A, 1, Use of Biochemical Markers in the Initial Evaluation of Heart Failure, 2007.



Performing Laboratory

Core Laboratory, AD 3303  721-2120