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Catalog ID Mtrex Methotrexate

CPOE Test Name

Methotrexate Level


Mtrex Lvl

Specimen Type


Specimen Requirements

Red top tube only; 2 mL blood

Storage and Transport

Protect from light and deliver on ice. Hand directly to Receiving Laboratory staff.

Causes for Rejection

Wrong container; not on ice; not protected from light; improper labeling; insufficient quantity; delay in transport

Special Instructions

Alert lab at 706-721-2120 before collecting specimen. The lab must be notified prior to dosing the patient with the estimated arrival time of the first specimen. For subsequent specimens, please notify the lab prior to drawing the specimens. Cannot be shared with other tests.

Reference Values

Variable therapeutic range

Critical Values

Toxic limit ≥ 5.0 mcmol/L

Performing Lab

Core Laboratory, AD 3301, 706-721-2120

Turn Around Time

Urgent/Emergent 1 hour (a possible increase in TAT may be expected for elevated results)