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Catalog ID Measles/Rubeola IgG Measles (Rubeola) IgG

Important Note

This IgG test is a test for measles (rubeola) immunity and should not be used for detecting active infection. For active infection testing, please see "Measles, active infection testing" in the this test catalog.

CPOE Test Name

Measles/Rubeola IgG


Rubeola IgG, Measles IgG

Specimen Type


Specimen Requirements

2.0 mL blood; gold SST tube

Storage and Transport

Serum stored refrigerated

Reference Range

Positive: The presence of detectable IgG-class antibodies indicates prior exposure to the measles virus through infection or immunization. Individuals testing positive are considered immune to measles infection.

Negative: The absence of detectable IgG-class antibodies suggests the lack of a specific immune response to immunization or no prior exposure to the measles virus.

IgG-class antibodies to measles virus may be present in serum specimens from individuals who have received blood products within the past several months, but have not been immunized or experience past infection with this virus.

Causes for Rejection

Specimens other than serum, icteric, contaminated, heat-inactivated, or hemolyzed serum

Turn Around Time

1-5 business days from time of collection



Performing Lab

AUMC Special Testing Laboratory, AD3303 706-721-2120


Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay