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Catalog ID Measles Measles, active infection testing

Important Note

If you are suspicious of active measles infection, you MUST contact infection prevention immediately!

Additional Codes

Order active measles testing as "Spec Ref Misc" and type Measles Active Infection Testing in the order comments.

Specimen Requirements

1) 7-10 mL of blood in a gold top tube

2) Throat swab - use dry sterile cotton swab and rub the posterior oropharynx. Place swab in viral transport medium tube.

3) Urine submitted in 2 plain urine tubes (10-15 mL total)

Storage and Transport

Transport to the Core Laboratory immediately. Specimens should be stored refrigerated while awaiting transport to the GPHL for testing.

Causes for Rejection

Wrong tube, delayed transportation to the laboratory

Reference Range

Measles IgG: positive results suggest past infection or vaccination

Measles IgM: positive results suggest current or very recent infection (false positive results are possible)

Measles PCR: positive results confirms infection

Measles Viral Culture: positive result confirms infection

Performing Lab

Georgia Public Health Laboratory