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Catalog ID Liver Pnl Hepatic Function Panel

CPOE Test Name

Hepatic Function Panel, LFT Panel

Specimen Type


Specimen Requirements

5 mL light green top tube (lithium heparin); light green cap microtainer acceptable; 3 mL blood

Reference Values

See the individual analytes for reference ranges.

Causes for Rejection

Wrong tube, gross hemolysis, insufficient quantity, improper labeling

Turn Around Time

Routine: 2-4 hrs; Urgent/Emergent: 1 hr



Performing Lab

Core Laboratory BI 2023 721-2120; Cancer Center Lab AM 2610 721-1739

Test Consists

Total Protein, Albumin,Total Bilirubun, Direct Bilirubin, Alkaline Phosphatase, ALT, AST

Critical Values

See the individual analytes for critical values.