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Catalog ID FK-506 Lvl Tacrolimus

CPOE Test Name

FK 506


FK-506, Tacrolimus II, Prograf Level

Specimen Type


Specimen Requirements

2 mL or 4 mL blood in purple top EDTA tube

Causes for Rejection

Wrong specimen type. Lack of acceptable labeling.

Reference Values

3.0-20.0 ng/mL

Critical Values

Toxic Level: >25 ng/mL


The complexity of the clinical state and individual differences in sensitivity to the immunosuppressive effects of tacrolimus will cause different requirements for optimal whole blood levels of tacrolimus. Individual whole blood tacrolimus values cannot be used as the sole indicator for making changes in the treatment regimen. Each patient should be thoroughly evaluated clinically before treatment adjustments are made and each user must establish his or her own ranges based on these clinical experiences.

Performing Lab

Core Laboratory, BI 2023 721-2120

Turn Around Time

Results available by 3 PM