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Catalog ID Emer Trans Emergency Transfusion

CPOE Test Name

No CPOE order. Call Blood Bank and request uncrossmatched blood. See Massive Transfusion Protocol


Uncrossmatched Blood with or without blood sample submitted. See MTP Massive Transfusion Protocol

Specimen Requirements

Fenwal Label. Requires Full Name, Medical Record Number, date and phlebotomist initials/Cerner ID. Pink top (EDTA) tube.

Storage and Transport

Send to Blood Bank

Causes for Rejection

Improper labeling; wrong tube; gross hemolysis; insufficient volume


A compatible crossmatch and negative antibody screen result indicates that testing did not identify any antibody or incompatibility. An incompatible crossmatch result indicates incompatibility between the donor and recipient which may indicate a clinically significant antibody. Further testing would be indicated. The immediate spin crossmatch may provide evidence of ABO incompatibility.

Test Consists

Expediting appropriate RBCs as quickly as possible. If a blood sample is submitted ABO, Rh type, and antibody screen tests initiated first, followed by the immediate spin crossmatch procedure. All blood that is transfused uncrossmatched must have justification of transfusion documentation and signature of ordering physician. This is an FDA requirement.

Turn Around Time

Crossmatch (Red Blood Cells)
Routine: 2 – 4 hours Urgent: 1 – 2 hours
Emergent: 30 minutes
Emergency, uncrossmatched: 15 minutes


Antibody Screen – Indirect Coombs phase; Crossmatch – Immediate spin


86922, 86920

Reference Ranges

Antibody screen results positive requires additional test (panel(s), antigen typings, and other specialized test) to identify reason. Crossmatch results incompatible requires specialized testing and time to identify the cause. A Transfusion Risk form would be indicated in an emergency situation to release incompatible blood signed by the recipient’s physician and with MD approval and notification.

Performing Lab

Blood Bank BI-1230 721-2731