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Catalog ID Cul Stool VTEC E. coli O157:H7 Stool Culture

CPOE Test Name

Stool Culture for E coli O157

Specimen Type


Specimen Requirements

Stool preferred. Rectal swab accepted when stool cannot be collected.

Storage and Transport

Ambient temperature and transport to Microbiology Laboratory within 1 hour.

Causes for Rejection

Use of non sterile container; delay in transport; improper labeling; leaking specimen; insufficient quantity; patient in hospital > 3 days

Reference Range

No E. coli O157 isolated.

Critical Values

positive cultures

Test Consists

E. coli O157 culture on selective medium only. Should be ordered with Routine Stool Culture to rule out other causes of diarrhea.

Turn Around Time

Final negative report in 48-72 hours.

Performing Lab

Microbiology BA-1672 721-2807


Culture on selective and non-selective media.


Culture 87046; identification 87077