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Catalog ID Cul Nocard + Smr Nocardia Culture with Weak Acid Fast Stain

CPOE Test Name

Nocardia Culture + Weak Acid Fast Smear


Culture Nocardia & smear.

Specimen Type

Aspirates, sputum, tissue, tracheal aspirate, bronchial brushing

Specimen Requirements

Aspirates, sputum, tissue, tracheal aspirate, bronchial brushing

Storage and Transport

Transport at room temperature to Microbiology Laboratory within 30 minutes of collection. Do not refrigerate.

Causes for Rejection

Use of non sterile container; delay in transport; improper labeling; receipt of tissue in formalin; leaking containers

Reference Range

No weak acid fast organisms seen; no Nocardia isolated.

Critical Values

positive stain or culture

Test Consists

Nocardia culture with a direct weak acid fast stain. Weak acid fast stain is performed only if suspicious organisms are initially observed on gram stain.

Turn Around Time

Weak acid fast stain same day if received before 12 PM. Final negative culture report in 4 weeks.

Performing Lab

Microbiology BA-1672 721-2807


Culture on selective and non-selective media.


Smear 87206; Culture 87081