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Please contact the appropriate laboratory if you need immediate assistance regarding collection or ordering.


Our efforts to improve and update the Pathology Laboratory Catalog can be greatly facilitated by your feedback. 

If you find errors, discrepancies, or other points of confusion, please email to ensure that upcoming editions can correct or clarify the problem.




There is currently a back order on eSwabs that are provided by the warehouse and as a result the microbiology lab has no option but to utilize a temporary replacement. This replacement is still an eSwab with similar packaging but has a pink top instead of a white top. This replacement eSwab SHOULD NOT be used for CT/NG collections. Clinicians/nursing staff need to pay close attention to which collection device they select for micro culture processing.

NOTE: The eSwab states “COPAN” on the label and the CT/NG swab states “GeneXpert” on the label.

If there are any questions or concerns, please call the Microbiology Lab at 1-2807.